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Renovize, (ren-o-vize), TO RESTORE; TO REJUVENATE; TO RENEW.



Truthfully, I’m not in the greatest physical shape. However, I choose to do my own yard work and after a Saturday of it, the next day I can’t move. The owner of Renovize is a client of mine and he gave me some of the LIFT product to try. I took 2 oz. after a hard day of yard work and the next morning I couldn’t believe it. I actually was as mobile as if I had not done anything and I felt great. It blew me away. Needless to say, I ask him for it all the time now. It truly has my attention. Thanks Buddy.

Jason B.

Surprisingly tastes really good despite it being a greens supplement- increased energy throughout the day, better digestion, and I’m pretty sure it helped me fight off an incoming cold. I’m a doctor & I usually can’t make it this long seeing patients in the clinic without getting sick myself...and a few of them actually did test positive for Influenza. Obviously, this is anecdotal evidence & I can’t prove it...but hey, I’ll take it. This is the first winter I have consistently supplemented with super-foods and it’s the first winter my patients haven’t gotten me sick.


I have been taking all three of the Renovize products for about a month now and I can really tell a difference in how I feel. My job is very demanding and most of the time very stressful. I’ve noticed, since taking these products, I’m not nearly as uptight and my stamina and energy level have increased. And, I have a greater sense of overall well-being. Don’t know how it works, but I’m truly glad that it does. Oh yea, and they taste wonderful. Thank you so much for creating your products.

Marilyn C.

I was looking for a super-food greens supplement that didn't actually taste like green juice which is easier said than done. After trying 3 other greens formulas, I saw Renovize Core and figured I'd give it a try. I'm glad to report that my search for a good tasting greens supplement is finally over! This super-food greens supplement tastes amazing and actually has a berry flavor which was unexpected, but a welcome surprise.  After using this for a week I feel more energized and have noticed a nice improvement in my digestion which i'm assuming is from the pro-biotics and pre-biotics in the formula. The great flavor actually makes me look forward to having my daily super-food greens shake, rather than having to force it down, like I did with other greens products.

Alex C.