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Heart Health/Circulation (30 servings/30-day supply)

  • Boost Plus (one serving) contains 5,000mg of L-Arginine AKG and 50mg of pure Standardized Resveratrol. L-arginine converts to nitric oxide (oxygen) in the blood stream, which prompts dilation of the blood vessels for increased blood flow. L-Arginine is a necessary amino-acid for cardiovascular health. Scientists have discovered that L-arginine is highly beneficial for the production of nitric oxide in the blood stream.
  • Clinical studies have shown that L-arginine may boost energy, help regulate cholesterol levels, enhance artery function, and support healthy blood flow. L-arginine is a safe and non-prescription substance to promote increased oxygen in blood stream.
  • L-arginine may improve blood flow in the arteries of the heart for some persons. Some individuals with protein malnutrition, infections, or sepsis may be deficient in L-arginine levels and daily use of BOOST plus may support recovery from these disorders.
  • L-Arginine therapy is also being studied in the treatment of migraine headaches, men’s health, fatigue and overall support for a healthy immune system.
  • Resveratrol: The powerful polyphenols and anti-oxidants found in our proprietary blend of standardized Japanese Knotweed and grape skins/seeds has been shown to help stimulate the SIRT 1 gene, or longevity gene. Clinical studies have shown that Resveratrol (pure, standardized) boosts SIRT 1 activation by as much as 800%. The polyphenols and anti-oxidants in one serving of BOOST plus is equivalent to 100 glasses of red wine!

Each canister contains 30 servings, 30-day supply.

Suggested Uses

Add one (1) scoop of BOOST plus to 8 – 10 ounces of cold water and shake/stir well or add to fruit/vegetable juice. Drink one serving of Boost Plus in the morning on an empty stomach or at least 30 minutes prior to eating. If taken with protein, absorption rate is slowed.


  • Boosts Anti-oxidant levels supporting healthy immune system.
  • Boosts increased blood oxygen levels.
  • Boosts dilation of arteries and vessels for increased healthy blood flow.
  • Boosts activation of SIRT 1 (longevity gene) by as much as 800%.
  • Boosts metabolism.
  • Boosts absorption rate with added L-Cirtulline.
  • Boosts support for healthier blood sugar levels.
  • Boosts Men’s Health with increased blood flow to male organs.
  • Boosts support for slowing aging process.
  • Boosts support for healthy weight management.

*These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.